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Welcome to Testing Shastra’s advanced UI/UX Development course in Pune is smartly designed to help you soar high in your career and drive you to solve challenging user interface-related problems in top companies. This UI UX Design Development Course in Pune helps students learn a design-centric approach to User Interface and User Experience Design, including UX Research, UI Styling, User-centered Design processes, Wireframes, Prototypes, and Usability Testing. There is a huge demand for UI/UX developers in the market today and the course leverages the same to produce skilled candidates for a successful career in web development, app development, and other interfaces. Testing Shastra is one of the leading IT training institutes in Pune that offers UI/UX Development courses both offline and online. A diploma in this field gives you the flexibility and variety of work while earning a decent salary and ensuring a secure future. Whether you are a fresher looking to kickstart your career or a professional seeking to enhance your skills, this course is perfect for you. Register today for the demo class!

Diploma In UI/UX Development Course Overview

Don’t have an idea what UI and UX Design is or where to start to become a successful UI/UX Designer? Don’t worry, Testing Shastra’s advanced UI/UX Development course in Pune is going to open a whole new world of better career opportunities for you. UX Design is all about creating products, most commonly apps and websites, that are easy to use, help end users, and look great. We know what UX and UI design for professional-grade work requires, and we know how to give you the best training and information to build you a lifelong foundation to kick-start your career as a UX designer. With the best of both online and in-classroom courses, our UI UX design certificate program is the right choice for anyone looking for the best UI UX design course in Pune. If you are looking for a well-rounded UI UX design course in Pune that covers all aspects, then Testing Shastra is the right UI/UX institute in Pune for you. In this UI UX Design Course, you will build an end-to-end strong understanding of concepts of UI and UX designs. By the end of this course, you will have a full-fledged portfolio of your own and the capability of handling any project from start to end using various UI UX methodologies.

Benefits of UI/UX Development Course

  1. In-Depth Learning: Our Diploma in UI/UX Development course offers a comprehensive learning experience, covering the fundamental principles and advanced techniques of UI/UX design. You will gain a deep understanding of user-centered design, design thinking, and the psychology behind user behavior, enabling you to create meaningful and impactful digital experiences.
  2. Hands-on Practice:We believe in learning by doing. Throughout the course, you will engage in hands-on projects and assignments that simulate real-world scenarios. These practical exercises will enable you to apply the concepts you learn and develop a strong portfolio that showcases your skills and creativity.
  3. Industry-standard Tools and Techniques: Our course equips you with the knowledge and proficiency in industry-standard tools and software used in UI/UX design.
  4. Design Methodologies: Our course introduces you to various design methodologies and frameworks, including user research, information architecture, wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing. You will learn how to conduct user research, create effective wireframes and prototypes, and evaluate usability to ensure your designs meet user needs and expectations.
  5. Portfolio Development: Building a strong portfolio is crucial for UI/UX professionals. Throughout the course, you will work on real-world projects that contribute to your portfolio. These projects will demonstrate your ability to solve design challenges and showcase your creativity and problem-solving skills to potential employers.
  6. Career Support: We understand the importance of career development. Our dedicated career support team guides resume building, portfolio presentation, interview preparation, and job search strategies.
  7. Supportive Learning Environment: We prioritize your learning experience and provide continuous support throughout the course. Our trainers and support team are available to answer your questions, provide feedback, and guide you at every step. You will also have the opportunity to engage with fellow learners, participate in discussions, and collaborate on projects through our online platform.

Ui Ux Design Course in Pune

Explore the dynamic world of UI/UX design with Testing Shastra’s UI/UX design course in Pune. Our comprehensive classes cover all aspects of user interface and user experience design, equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this rapidly evolving field. Led by industry experts, our courses focus on practical learning and real-world applications, ensuring that students are well-prepared for the challenges of the design industry. Join Testing Shastra today and embark on a rewarding journey towards becoming a skilled UI/UX designer. Ui Ux Design Course in Pune offered by Testing Shastra to gain valuable skills and knowledge in user interface and user experience design.

Who this course is for?
Bachelors & Graduates
Any professional person
Abroad studying students and professionals Candidates are willing to learn something new.
Syllabus UI/UX Development Course


Module 1: HTML and CSS

  • 1) HTML 4 and HTML 5
    • Introduction of HTML Tag,
    • Elements and Attributes
    • Basics syntax
    • Table
    • List
    • Forms Structure of HTML4 and HTML5
    • Semantic and non-semantic tags
    • HTML 5 Features
    • New Input type Forms Attribute
    • SVG
    • Canvas Audio,
    • Video Tag H
  • 2) CSS
    • Attributes (ID, Class, Style, Title)
    • CSS Types (Inline, Internal, External)
    • Box-model
    • Display Property (Block, Inline, None)
    • Visibility-Hidden
    • Position Property(Static, Relative, Absolute, Fixed)
    • Z-index Property
    • Combinators (Child Selector, Adjacent Sibling Selector
    • Descendant Selector, General Sibling Selector)
    • CSS Pseudo-classes (Visited, Hover, Link,, Active)
    • CSS Pseudo-elements (Selection, First Letter, First Line, Before After) K.
    • Static Web Page
    • Viewport Meta tag
  • 3) CSS 3
    • Background, Multiple Backgrounds
    • Font-Related Features (online fonts)
    • Text-Effect and Box-Effect
    • Gradients-Line a and Radial
    • Transition
    • Transformation
    • Animation
    • Media Queries

Module 2: Javascript

  • Introduction of JavaScript
  • Use of JavaScript
  • Variables
  • Keywords
  • Data Type (Primitive, nonprimitive)
  • JS Conditions (if, if-else)
  • Conditional operators & logical operators
  • Loops (for, while, do-while)
  • Switch Case
  • Functions
  • SetTimeout and set Interval Function
  • object to access and manipulate HTML using the document
  • Changing HTML Elements
  • Adding and Deleting Elements
  • Array Objects
  • way to access Objects (bracket Notation, Dot Notation)
  • way to create Object (Literal Way, Empty Object Constructor Way)
  • Prototype
  • Validations
  • Events

Module 3: JQuery

  • 1) J Query
    • jQuery – Basics
    • String
    • Numbers
    • Boolean
    • Objects
    • Arrays
    • Functions
    • Arguments
    • Scope
    • Built-in Functions
    • jQuery – Selectors
    • jQuery – CSS Element Selector and ID Selector
    • jQuery – CSS Element Universal Selector AND Class Selector
    • jQuery – CSS Multiple Elements like E, F, G Selector
    • jQuery Callback Functions
    • jQuery – DOM Attributes
    • Get Attribute Value
    • Set Attribute Value
    • jQuery – DOM Traversing
    • Find Elements by index
    • Filtering out Elements
    • Locating Descendent Elements
    • JQuery DOM Traversing Methods
    • JQuery – CSS Methods
    • Apply CSS Properties and Multiple CSS Properties
    • Setting Element Width & Height
    • JQuery CSS Methods jQuery – Effects
    • JQuery Effect Methods, Hide and Show
    • jQuery Toggle jQuery Slide – slideDown, slideUp, slideToggle
    • jQuery Fade – fadeIn, fadeOut, fadeTo
    • jQuery Custom Animation
    • jQuery – chaining jQuery – AJAX
    • load(), get(), post(), ajax()
    • jQuery – JSON
    • getJSON()
  • 2) Bootstrap
    • 2.1) Bootstrap
      • History of Bootstrap
      • Advantages of Bootstrap Framework
      • What is a Responsive web page?
      • Major Features of Bootstrap?
      • What is Mobile-First Strategy?
      • Setting up Environment
      • How to Apply Bootstrap to Applications
      • Ways to display images in various styles
      • Way to display text like warning and muted?
      • Regarding Carets Classes?
      • How to show or hide the text in Bootstrap
    • 2.2) Bootstrap Grid
      • What is Bootstrap Grid?
      • How to apply Bootstrap Grid
      • What is Container?
      • What is Offset Column?
      • How to Reorder Columns?
      • Advantages of Bootstrap Grid?
      • How to Display Responsive Images?
      • How to change class properties?
      • How to use readymade themes?
      • What is Bootstrap Typography?
      • How to use Typography?
      • What are Bootstrap Tables?
      • What is Bootstrap Form Layout?
      • What is Bootstrap Button?
      • What are the Components of Bootstrap?
      • Need of Bootstrap Components?
      • Benefits of Bootstrap Components
      • Types of Bootstrap Components
      • Glyphicons Component
      • The process to use Glyphicons Component?
      • Bootstrap Dropdown Menu Component?
      • What are Button Toolbar and Button Groups?
      • Way to use Button Toolbar and Button Groups?
      • Different Input Groups Components
      • What are Tabs Components & Navigation Pills?
      • How to use Tabs Components and Navigation Pills?
      • Navbar Component Process to Build a Responsive Navbar?
      • How to control Navbar and other Add Forms?
      • How to Fix the position of the navbar?
      • What is Breadcrumb Component?
    • 2.3) Pagination
      • What is Pagination Component?
      • How to apply Pagination in Application?
      • What are Labels / Badge Components?
      • What are Jumbotron / Page Header Components?
      • What is Thumbnail Component?
      • What are Alerts & Dismissible Alerts?
      • How to Create a Progress Bar?
      • What is Media Objects Component?
      • Why Media Objects Component?
      • How to use Media Objects Component?
      • What is Bootstrap List Group Component?
      • What is Bootstrap Panel Component?
      • How to use Bootstrap Plug-Ins
      • What is Transition Plug-in?
      • What Modal Dialog Box?
      • What are the different Properties, Methods, and Events of the Modal Dialog Box?
      • What is Scrollspy Plug-In?
      • What is Tab Plug-in?
      • How to use Tab Plug-in?
      • What is Dropdown Plug-in?
      • What is Tooltip Plug-in?

Module 4: Abdoe Photoshop

  • 4.1) Abdoe Photoshop
    • Black & White Colour
    • Day to Night
    • Restoration
    • Image manipulation
    • Double Exposure
    • Gradient Effect
    • Digital Painting
    • Advanced Composting
    • Social Media post
    • Typography
    • Matte Painting
    • GIF
    • Logo
    • Workspace Overview of Abdoe Illustrator
  • 4.2) Abdoe XD
    • Introduction to UX
    • Getting started
    • What is UI vs UX
    • The UX brief & persona
    • Wireframing (low fidelity)
    • How wide for my website
    • Free UI Icons
    • Footer & Lorem Ipsum
    • New Pages & Artboards
    • Class Project 01 – Wireframe
    • Prototyping & Interactivity
    • Create a Popup Modal
    • Class Project 02 – Prototype
    • Groups & Isolation Mode
    • How to use symbols
    • Production Video – Left Nav
    • Navigation Tips and Tricks
    • Class Project 03 – Symbols
    • Mocking Up an app
    • XD App on your phone
    • iPhone & Android status icons
    • Fixing the position
    • Production Video – Login
    • Sharing wireframes
    • Recording your interactions
    • Class Project – Wireframe
    • feedback

Module 5: Adobe Illustrator & Figma

  • 5.1) Adobe Illustrator
    • Masking and wrapping
    • Working with text ( Typography)
    • Understanding Effects & Filters
    • (Logo)
    • Create layouts using
    • perspectives
    • Color the illustrations by using flat
    • color and gradients
    • Logo Designing
    • Design – Magazine cover
    • Design – Advertisement -1( News
    • Paper, Branding)
    • Design – Flyer ( Product Launch)
    • Printing techniques
    • Navigation Tips and Tricks
    • Class Project 03 – Symbols
    • Mocking Up an app
    • XD App on your phone
    • iPhone & Android status icons
    • Fixing the position
    • Production Video – Login
    • Sharing wireframes
    • Recording your interactions
    • Class Project – Wireframe
    • feedback
  • 5.2) Flagma
    • Introduction
    • Overview of Figma Features
    • What is User Experience Design?
    • Overview of the Design Process
    • Getting Started with Figma
    • Navigating the Figma User
    • Interface
    • Designing a Web Application
    • Working with UI Elements and
    • Content
    • Making a Design Responsive
    • Exporting the Design
    • Reusing Design Elements
    • Creating a Portfolio Project
    • Managing Requirements
    • Best Practices for Delivering a
    • Polished Design
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Ans: Our Diploma in UI/UX Development course is suitable for individuals with varying levels of experience. Whether you are a beginner with no prior knowledge of UI/UX design or an experienced designer looking to enhance your skills, this course will provide you with the necessary knowledge and practical experience to excel in the field.

Ans: There are no specific prerequisites for the Diploma in UI/UX Development course. However, a basic understanding of design principles and familiarity with digital tools and software will be beneficial. We welcome students with diverse backgrounds and provide comprehensive support to learners at all levels.

Ans: Our Diploma in UI/UX Development course is available online, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience. You can access course materials, video lectures, assignments, and projects through our online learning platform. This format enables flexibility and accessibility for learners from around the world.

Ans: Yes, upon successful completion of the Diploma in UI/UX Development course, you will receive a certificate. This certificate validates your skills and knowledge in UI/UX design, which can be a valuable asset for your professional portfolio and job prospects.

Ans: Our course covers a range of industry-standard tools and software used in UI/UX design. You will gain proficiency in popular design tools such as Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma, InVision, and more. These tools will enable you to create visually appealing designs, interactive prototypes, and user-friendly interfaces.

Ans: Absolutely! Throughout the Diploma in UI/UX Development course, you will work on real-world projects that contribute to your portfolio. These projects will allow you to demonstrate your skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities to potential employers or clients.

Ans: Our course provides a comprehensive understanding of UI/UX principles, design methodologies, and industry best practices. You will gain practical experience by working on real-world projects and develop a portfolio that showcases your skills. Additionally, we offer career support, including resume building, portfolio presentation, interview preparation, and job search strategies to help you kick-start or advance your career in UI/UX development.

Ans:Yes, we offer job placement assistance to our students. Our dedicated career support team works closely with industry partners to connect you with job opportunities. We provide guidance on resume building, portfolio presentation, and interview preparation to maximize your chances of securing a rewarding career in UI/UX development.

Ans: Absolutely! Our online learning platform provides opportunities for interaction and collaboration. You can engage in discussions, seek guidance from trainers, and collaborate with fellow learners through our platform’s communication channels. We foster a supportive learning environment to enhance your learning experience.

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